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    Virtual Reality for Architectural History

    By David Kuo
    Mar 15, '21 2:21 PM EST

    Every building has a story to tell, an experience to share. But it is hard to do so just by looking at pictures and drawings, without being immersed by surroundings, and engaged with one’s senses. That is why millions of people travel around the world every year visiting ancient wonders and ruins, to experience up close and feel the scale of the structures. However, not everyone has the opportunity to explore the world. As technology advances, we could use virtual reality to rebuild the ancient worlds, allowing all of us to explore and learn from history remotely.

    In the field of architecture, virtual reality is mostly for commercial purposes. The technology offers better experience when presenting to clients, and one day will be used as a design tool. There is huge potential for virtual reality in architecture, but to me, nothing is as exciting as creating a virtual world of architecture.

    As an architecture student, I dream about one day standing between the columns of Parthenon or sitting on the rocks of Machu Picchu and listening to the whispers of ancient wisdom. Wandering and learning in the immersive world. Much like at Disneyland, kids get to explore their dream worlds, meet princes and princesses, and hop on their favorite rides all in one place. Immersed in storylines and indulged in curiosities. 

    Much like video games, with the right setup and hardware, anyone could download the software and jump right into various stories, interacting with the environment, and maybe connecting with people from different parts of the world. Creating a sense of community that brings knowledge and experience closer together.

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