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    Shifts in Perspective

    By David Kuo
    Feb 28, '21 11:57 PM EST

    The world is changing at a very fast pace, not just the landscape, but also our perspective, and architecture is no different.

    Most animals rely on shelter for survival, humans especially. We started from hiding in caves and stacking rocks to building castles and churches. Architecture emerges as we mix shelter with other intentions such as religion, culture, and expression. Carvings, painting, sculpting, poetry, and much more became part of the story, the experience. 

    Architecture like everything else was also a way of discovery. Leonardo da Vinci studied nature, mechanics, anatomy, physics, and architecture just to name a few. His curiosity about the world is what drove him to countless discoveries and inventions. Having knowledge in various subjects allowed him to have multiple perspectives on the same problems.

    Nowadays, there are so many labels for who we are, our job, our age, our gender, our interest, and so on. It feels like everyone is just looking for a category where they belong to. As students, we choose a major to study and we are trained to become experts in that field. Once we graduate and start working as architects, we share our work with experts in other fields such as engineering, landscape, and interior. 

    Even though the modern world is more connected than ever before through the internet, we can access the same data and information from every corner of the world. And yet the stories that we tell as designers and artists seem ever so narrow, we are encouraged to follow rules and stay in lanes. 

    We have in a way created boundaries for our curiosity, limiting potential. Perhaps instead of focusing on the expertise on one subject or two, we should let our curiosity guide us. In doing so, we discover new perspectives and passions.

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