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    Our Modern Treehouses

    Giselle Yeh
    Mar 1, '21 2:58 AM EST

    When I was younger, I never knew the joy of having and being in a tree house. It is funny when just a structure lifted high by nature. Like a bird nest. However, I think just that simple idea of being similar to that of a bird nest, is what made it special. With the progression of technology and society’s movement towards the future of electronics, the special feeling of a tree house seems to have been forgotten. Technology has sort of detached us from the originality of where we came from. Nature.

    Biophilic design is a approach to bring back society to nature. It seeks to connecting building occupants more closely to nature. To fulfill this, these types of buildings are incorporated with things like natural lighting and ventilation, natural landscape features, and other elements for creating a more productive and healthier built environment for people. The goal in biophilic design is to bring characteristic of the natural world into the built spaces. Studies have even shown the benefits of integrating nature in workplaces, where it gives the human body positive impacts resulting in the increase of productivity and creativity. Nature and the environment have proven to be beneficial for the human mental and physical state.

    It is something about the refreshing feeling of seeing plants around you and having the wind blow by you with the warmth of the sunlight. These natural aspects can be very healing for physical and mental needs. Even just for fun like the feelings of being of in a tree. By incorporating these aspects into our building design spaces, it can really show positive results not only for the unique natural design of building but also for the occupants inhabiting inside. Let us bring back that joy and free feeling we had when we climbed trees and smelled the fresh air into our daily lives. Not to go backwards from our development in technology but to bring along nature in our development! 

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