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    Giselle Yeh
    May 1, '21 12:08 AM EST

    I feel it’s really hard to predict the future. Especially with architecture, which continues to change and develop along with time. After my five years of walking up and down the campus, typing and clicking on my laptop, and measuring and sizing my models, I imagine myself to hopefully be doing what I’ve studied to do with the most of my capabilities.

    Believe it or not, like many, I am afraid of failure. I’m afraid of the impact what my failure can do, not only to myself but to others as well. Because of this, I would always start small and slowly try to make my way up as far as I can. Although slow, starting small results in myself being able to gauge myself correctly of what I am capable of, at the moment, and what I will need to learn for the future.

    In the future, besides being successful in my career choice, I hope to become someone that my family and friends would be proud to talk about. I want to be a great daughter that doesn’t let my parents worry, a role model cousin that my relatives look to for help, and a reliable friend my friends could always reach.

    Like how I want to be able to help my family and friends, I also want to help the world in my own way. After I walk with my cap and gown after my five years of architecture school, I hope to land a full-time job, however small, to get myself walking on my path I’ve thought out for myself. The type of path I want to walk is to be a sort of architectural designer that is able to design and create sustainable architecture concepts. Not only do I believe sustainable architecture can greatly affect the world for the better in the future, I also very much admire the aesthetic of what sustainable architecture achieves.

    Foster and partner, sustainable architecture

    Comcast Technology Center Philadelphia - Copyright by Foster & Partners

    Recognizing the importance of indoor and outdoor qualities of affecting how an individual feels in a space, I want to be able to manipulate and create concepts following the principles of sustainable architecture. By using the natural elements given to us, I want to create healthy and efficient spaces that not only support the occupant’s wellbeing, but also the earth’s for the long run. With the recent problems rising these days along with climate change, I believe that we should each do the most we can in taking part in aiding the environment. Help flourish the environment our society lives in so that when we’ve walked our path to its end, our children can also gladly walk their path they dream of without this kind of struggle.

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  • Nobody's Perfect

    Giselle Yeh
    Apr 12, '21 3:21 PM EST

    At one point in time everyone wants to be perfect. We compare ourselves to those viewed as the top and yearn to be the same as them. To follow their perfect lines and perfect symmetry to make something “clean” and, in our eyes, “perfect.” However, like many people have told us, nobody’s... View full entry

  • Japanese Architecture - Notes of the Past

    Giselle Yeh
    Mar 22, '21 4:49 AM EST

    Like being born and growing up, everyone, everything has their origin. Traditional architecture maintains our link to the past. Our designs and ideas don’t just spring up from thin air. They are thought and created by the influence of the past. Letting us know what already works and doesn’t... View full entry

  • Our Modern Treehouses

    Giselle Yeh
    Mar 1, '21 2:58 AM EST

    When I was younger, I never knew the joy of having and being in a tree house. It is funny when just a structure lifted high by nature. Like a bird nest. However, I think just that simple idea of being similar to that of a bird nest, is what made it special. With the progression of technology and... View full entry

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