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    Soft Structures

    Austin Samson
    Feb 25, '19 10:25 PM EST

    "Soft Structures" was a class taught at Wentworth looks at the use of soft modeling to develop structural components with unique aesthetic qualities. Animation was then used to discover ways of varying the components by looking at changes in thickness and surface area. The components were then parametrically arrayed along splines in order to produce lattice like structures.

    Soft Structures

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Using an Ad-Hoc approach to digital computation, new coherency between architectural elements can be discovered. History has shown that certain techniques or processes are capable of solving problems that they were not originally intended to solve. Nicholas De Monchaux has outlined many of these scenarios in his novel "Space Suit". By researching processes of making that are external to typical architecture, designers can generate relationships between existing an new formal qualities.

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