'Architecture' as a 'Thinking'

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    Vacant | Sometimes

    Pranav Varshney
    May 28, '18 11:27 AM EST

    I have seen the road vacant | sometimes crowded.

    I have seen the pages vacant | sometimes texted.

    I have seen the smile vacant | sometimes exhausted.

    I have seen the building vacant | sometimes well finished.

    I have seen the nights sleepy | sometimes vacant.

    I have seen the heart vacant | sometimes blooded.

    I have seen the beauty vacant | sometimes overloaded.

    I have seen the emotions vacant | sometimes over created.

    I have seen the air vacant | sometimes turbulent.

    I have seen the eyes vacant | sometimes tears.

    I have seen the sky vacant | sometimes crowdy.

    I have seen the space vacant | sometimes built.

    I have seen the light vacant | sometimes shadow.

    I have seen the songs vacant | sometimes romantic.

    I have seen the memory vacant | sometimes not.

    I have seen the future vacant | sometimes not.

    I have seen myself vacant | sometimes busy.

    I have seen the landscape vacant | sometimes dessert.

    I have seen the new road vacant | sometimes the old one.

    I have seen nothing vacant | sometimes vacant.

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Architecture is all about thinking. The more you think about the solutions of any architectural problem, the more architectural feelings you will get to design .Thinking depends upon the perception & perception gradually increases with experiences. Just because of acquiring some personal opinion, we architects generally thought some quotes to define the architecture. Here my perspective & my personal quote is " architecture is a shadow ". I like to create my blog to spread my thinking to world.

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