'Architecture' as a 'Thinking'

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    A marriage between Architecture and Concept

    Pranav Varshney
    Dec 20, '17 4:38 AM EST

    Yes ! You heard it well. There should be a marriage but in some extent but this is only a hypothetical thinking about Architecture and its Concept.

    In architecture there is a misunderstanding about architectural concept. Some says that we inspired from a building so i will make my building in the shape of that building. Some says that we inspired from that light source so i will make my building in the context of that light source so as far as the main idea of concept is concerned, each Architect has his own definition about Concept. The general definition of concept in the book of francis d k ching is " A mental image or formulation of what something is or ought to be , esp. an idea generalized from particular characteristics or instances."

    In this article I just want to discuss my perception about architectural concept. So the concept is a mixture or the combination of different ideas in a systematic way of design. Combine all the ideas that you have perceived during your architectural design process. here i am very much inspired from an article : ""

    My process for creating an Architectural Concept

    My process always begins with the two methodology, asking questions from myself and developing ideas.

    Ask indirect questions.

    Think actively.

    Usually after thinking a lots of ideas. I am filled with ideas. I am not sure which concept will work best, but the ideas are there. I prefer to stay away from consciously thinking about the design for a time. The design will pop into my mind here or there and when it does I will let it, but at this stage I am not sitting down to design. I am letting the concept form in my subconscious.During this time visual concepts come to mind. I will see an idea for what the layout might be or maybe something more specific like a color or an image.Visually I am trying to come up with ideas for things like:

    Color scheme



    and last each of these is led by the abstract words that have become part of the verbal concept.

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    • alvinaamanda

      In engineering there is a misconception about structural idea. Some says that we enlivened from a building so I will make my working in the state of that building. Custom Assignment Help Some says that we motivated from that light source so I will make my working with regards to that light source so to the extent the fundamental thought of idea is concerned, every Architect has his own definition about Concept.

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Architecture is all about thinking. The more you think about the solutions of any architectural problem, the more architectural feelings you will get to design .Thinking depends upon the perception & perception gradually increases with experiences. Just because of acquiring some personal opinion, we architects generally thought some quotes to define the architecture. Here my perspective & my personal quote is " architecture is a shadow ". I like to create my blog to spread my thinking to world.

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