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    A Typical Friday Night in Studio, Or Should I Say Morning (It's now 4 AM)

    By alyssafellabaum
    Dec 9, '17 3:19 AM EST

    As an architecture student, much of my rent should be spent at the studio. 

    It's finals week, which means no relaxing, more procrastination, and endless slee --- stress. Review is Thursday and I'm first in the second half, yet I have no idea what my presentation will be yet, oops.. better got on that... Or better yet, better finish my drawings first! 

    Let's not forget that it's *only* 4 am on a Friday and I'm just now finishing my sectional perspective in Rhino, and it's ready for Illustrator. Wishing I was at Rick's with my friends!! Or sleeping!! 

    Also, is it bad that I keep sneezing every five minutes? I think I'm getting sick, but what's new. This would be the third time out of three that I'd be sick for final review. We'll see!

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    • Non Sequitur

      Should have managed your time better.

      Dec 11, 17 10:17 am  · 

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