Archinect - Stuck in Studio* 2024-02-22T02:34:37-05:00 A Typical Friday Night in Studio, Or Should I Say Morning (It's now 4 AM) alyssafellabaum 2017-12-09T03:19:29-05:00 >2018-01-30T06:16:04-05:00 <p>As an architecture student, much of my rent should be spent at the studio.&nbsp;</p> <p>It's finals week, which means no relaxing, more procrastination, and endless slee --- stress. Review is Thursday and I'm first in the second half, yet I have no idea what my presentation will be yet, oops.. better got on that... Or better yet, better finish my drawings first!&nbsp;</p> <p>Let's not forget that it's *only* 4 am on a Friday and I'm just now finishing my sectional perspective in Rhino, and it's ready for Illustrator. Wishing I was at Rick's with my friends!! Or sleeping!!&nbsp;</p> <p>Also, is it bad that I keep sneezing every five minutes? I think I'm getting sick, but what's new. This would be the third time out of three that I'd be sick for final review. We'll see!</p> You Know You’re An Architecture Student When… alyssafellabaum 2017-11-30T19:29:00-05:00 >2023-10-26T10:16:08-04:00 <p>Your roommates say &ldquo;good morning,&rdquo; and you reply with &ldquo;good night&rdquo;</p> <p>Coffee is your favorite drink, even at midnight</p> <p>You are an expert at Photoshop, Illustrator and Rhinoceros, but don&rsquo;t know how to use Microsoft Excel</p> <p>You spend more time in the studio, than you do in your own bed</p> <p>You only leave studio to buy supplies or eat</p> <p>Your parents have more of a social life than you</p> <p>You have to wait for coffee shops to open in the mornings</p> <p>You tell time by when other people leave studio</p> <p>Your roommate files a Missing Person report</p> <p>Your bed has collected a layer of dust on it</p> <p>You use words like &ldquo;charrette&rdquo;</p> <p>You have your kitchen pantry inside your desk</p> <p>You eat all three meals in studio</p> <p>You think days are 48 hours long</p> <p>You ask Santa Claus for a sleeping bag for Christmas</p> <p>All the Christmas gifts you give are wrapped in trace paper</p> <p>You start paying rent for your desk space in studio</p> <p>You consider using broccoli for your models</p> <p>You say, &ldquo;It&rsquo;s only midnight I have plenty of time left&rdquo;&nbsp;</p> <p>You start wearing...</p>