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    Part 3: Re-Piling

    By meganmohney
    Oct 9, '17 8:56 AM EST

    In the final step of the assignment, Zeina and Jon wanted us to return these mesh into a new sort of pile

    Using our resulting meshes from the last portion, we put 3 flat cuts through the volume. This is one of the results--- totally departed from the original meshes. 

    SO, again this "brick"was given to the shared folder to be used as a stackable component in other groups' work. The idea was that these flat surfaces would make it possible to connect to the other bricks--even with overhangs + misalignments. 

    Finally as a group, together with a collection of strange bricks, we stacked, piled, and composed a "tower". The tower might be housing or some sort of public institutional building. It was pretty challenging to figure out how the bricks (designed by many others) could be resolved in the relationships to one another. The tower-- complete with sky bridges and tiny rocky balconies-- is here:

    I should have done this at the beginning, but I need to credit my two group members Jackie Pothier & Yanhao Liu !! They were absolutely amazing partners and super willing to experiment, change the plan, and come up with creative solutions to all these post-digital issues. (Perhaps a Mad Max-style post-apocalyptic stacked city is the only solution?)

    The project is not technically done-- we will try to make a physical version of this tower for the exhibition in February. Stay tuned for that! 

    Thanks so much for reading!


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