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Oct '17 - Nov '17

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    Part 2: MESH MASHING

    By meganmohney
    Oct 3, '17 10:34 PM EST

    So the next day, Jon and Zeina informed us that those scans would be the source material for the next phase. 

    One unexpected part of the workshop was the democratic, or communal aspect of the tasks. Everything created was eventually shared in common folders, which could be downloaded, adjusted, distorted, uploaded again. Everyone has access to other groups meshes, and started off by re-imaging them through an online mesh sharing + rendering platform called "SKETCHFAB"

    Next we picked our 3 favorite colleague meshes and set out to combine them into a newly created mesh, that had the DNA of those original paper models, but now were almost unrecognizable. This is what I came up with:

    We decided it resembles a frog stuck in a wall. 

    ^some (simulated) orthographic drawings of the very meshy form! 

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