Constellations of Tijuana

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    Orhan Ayyüce
    Jul 22, '17 5:16 AM EST

    As it was predicted and desired, the Constellations project is having its own life and form/format/look.

    The most valuable here that we are finding a very hands-on way of studying and documenting the city like Tijuana where there are hundreds of stories, street patterns, densities, orthogonal collisions, urban stories and myths, risks, invasive spread, rewards, and punishments. There is always some type of return.

    A little snapshot of where we are going:

    The picture above is the ‘Monumental Constellation’ just south of beachhead border wall and south of the existing and remaining bullring. It is designed to be a car race track turned into the residential and civic area with schools, government buildings, parks and commercial use extending to the ocean front. We are also recording the bdrone videos and local interviews with people living in this area called ‘Playas.’ What people say in those interviews are the narratives we are utilizing and using as a vehicle to get to the stories we are after. Some ordinary stories and some more extra ordinary ones, these are the people live in the cities, directly connected to their surroundings.

    This week we took the time to interview a woman that lives in Playas, we asked her if she could share a story with us, this is what she said, " I have two daughters, Violeta and Luna, each one has very different tastes and more comes out when we go out, but when it comes to the beach, they both love to play in the sand, in the water and listen to music, they just get distracted for a while playing on the beach. I love these moments next to them. Besides we have the beach just around the corner and it's no trouble for me to have that beautiful moment of fun and happiness by their side." 

     Everything we find is a filament…

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