Constellations of Tijuana

  • Monumental

    Orhan Ayyüce
    Jul 22, '17 5:16 AM EST

    As it was predicted and desired, the Constellations project is having its own life and form/format/look. The most valuable here that we are finding a very hands-on way of studying and documenting the city like Tijuana where there are hundreds of stories, street patterns, densities, orthogonal... View full entry

  • Constellations

    Orhan Ayyüce
    May 31, '17 8:12 PM EST

    Constellations originally started as a made to order work when I was invited by Bryan Finoki to participate in the Los Angeles issue of Postopolis L.A. curated by Bryan and Geoff Manaugh and others. It was the second installation of Postopolis! previously launched in New York at the Storefront for... View full entry

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Constellations of Tijuana: A research study in Urbanism Old stories, new finds, physical and fictional speculations Studies of various grid collisions and political ideologies Planned and spontaneous explorations Creative and generative recording and the study of the city ELA, Escuela Libre De Arquitectura Tijuana, Mexico June - August 2017

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