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    By Designhaus Architecture
    Mar 23, '16 10:57 AM EST

    With the "Tiny House" and "Shipping Container House" trends on the rise, it's a strange evolution that living in a big, open barn is also a trending concept known as the "Barndominium". It's not only fun to say, but converting an old barn into a fun living/dining space brings a whole new aspect of life to the suburbs and rural areas.

    Barndominium Designhaus

     "Casual, low maintenance and always ready for an impromptu gathering," explains architect Peter Stuhlreyer of Designhaus.  "What we have found, as designers of many barndominiums, is that the client is far more relaxed about design decisions and material choices, so the projects are really organic, spontaneous and enjoyable."

    Barndominium Designhaus

    Barndominium Designhaus

    A barndominium in Lexington, KY was designed to be converted into a four-horse stable. However, the original owners used the space for parties. To maintain the intrinsic value of the post and beam structure, we had to consider the future use. The point is, is that the barndominium is not always the last use of the barn...sometimes it is the beginning of a barn's life cycle. We also converted a storage barn for corporation in Ohio into a special event/fitness center and training space, while maintaining the raw structural characteristics of the 30 year old barn.

    Barndominium Designhaus

     The space, volume, acoustics, sags and cracks, and even the smells of a big old barn is something that relaxes people. Not worrying about a bit of dust or a spill of red wine is even better. Barndominiums is a bit out of the ordinary, but as you can see, they are not hard to develop. These days, almost anything can be turned into a living space.


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      Some of these look great.

      I'm picturing the monthly BOA meeting where everyone shows up in designer overalls and chewing a piece of organic hay.

      Mar 25, 16 12:51 pm  · 

      I like this post!

      Apr 5, 16 12:09 pm  · 

      I used to live in a barn. My stall mate was on of  the Film  Guru Mike Nichol's  horses.  I can't count the number of times I was wakened in the middle of the night  from loud kicking noises coming from that stall.  I was a live in  night maid for  a dozen plus horses.  My job fill the water buckets  before I went to bed...and in the Summer chase them around when they weren't in the stall and decided their pasture was not big enough...and went wandering down the road.

      Apartment always had that horsy smell and the barn girls always wanted to use the bathroom, cause they hated peeing in the horse stalls.

      Think I will pass on living in barns.


      Apr 5, 16 7:14 pm  · 

      Tell us more about these "barn girls"...

      Apr 6, 16 12:47 am  · 

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