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    Green Houses : Why has it been a big deal suddenly?

    Tanvi Kulshreshtha
    Dec 27, '15 2:34 PM EST

    Sustainability or making green is certainly not a new phenomenon, it has taken a root out which provokes all the construction and environmentally practiced delusions in past.

    Energy costs

    It is one of the major keys. For instance, the passive solar design theory, fizzled in 1970s, because of the rise in fuel prices. And this is how we lost a powerful incentive, which could have been a boon for building more energy efficient houses, the latter was not accomplished because it was pushed to a side rail and forgotten.

    As a matter of evolution, energy prices have gone up, we have a much better understanding of how tenuous our foreign suppliers of fossil fuels have become.

    Global climate change

    According to the researchers, attribution has been given to some of the phenomenons like melting glaciers, disappearing Arctic ice, droughts and fierce storms, as the reason, to have a gradual increase in greenhouse gases, which is apparently causing the planet to heat up.

    Residential construction has been a part of the climate change theory, because they consume a great deal of energy. Certainly, "carbon footprint" gives us a clear vision of the correlation between our inputs and how they affect the world.


    The style of living affects the way a house survives. The mechanism of houses, i.e. to study about how they behave, has helped people in general to counterabout their living habits. It has explored more durable, more comfortable and healthier houses as compared to conventional houses. And this practice with technical progress has made it possible for the applications of building practices to be approved, in all architectural styles.

    This time of shift has been perfect. Now, because its everywhere, even the homebuyers and building industries, both are ready to change and to follow.

    Fact lies in the tag-line that green built houses lasts longer, have fewer problems, cheaper to live-in and keep their owners more comfortable.

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