Archinect - The Walk 2023-09-24T11:14:49-04:00 Do Green Houses cost more to build than regular houses? Tanvi Kulshreshtha 2016-01-14T12:10:29-05:00 >2019-10-11T13:01:04-04:00 <p><img title="" alt="" src=""></p><p>Green is often less expensive when all things are considered. Sustainable buildings often seem more expensive than conventional buildings.</p><p>There are many building materials which make houses more durable and easier to heat and cool, aren't actually cheap. Some of the complicated systems that allow a certain amount of energy independence, are pricey. For example, solar and photo voltaic hot water panels.</p><p>As per the common thinking, it costs more to spray 8 inches of polyurethane foam in the roof than it would cost to install fiberglass bats. But, here is the reality, example:&nbsp;The decision to upgrade from double-pane to triple-pane windows. The windows will add thousands of dollars to the construction cost.</p><p>However, they&nbsp;eliminate the need for a warm air register in front of each window, and the savings in labor and duct installation could offset the additional cost of the window. In addition, the lower heating load means the size of the furnace can be downgrades. This would hence result...</p> Green Houses : Why has it been a big deal suddenly? Tanvi Kulshreshtha 2015-12-27T14:34:28-05:00 >2016-01-14T12:05:16-05:00 <p><img title="" alt="" src="">Sustainability or making green is certainly not a new phenomenon, it has taken a root out which provokes all the construction and environmentally practiced delusions in past.</p><p><strong>Energy costs</strong></p><p>It is one of the major keys. For instance, the passive solar design theory, fizzled in 1970s, because of the rise in fuel prices. And this is how we lost a powerful incentive, which could have been a boon for building more energy efficient houses, the latter was not accomplished because it was pushed to a side rail and forgotten.</p><p>As a matter of evolution, energy prices have gone up, we have a much better understanding of how tenuous our foreign suppliers of fossil fuels have become.</p><p><strong>Global climate change</strong></p><p>According to the researchers, attribution has been given to some of the phenomenons like melting glaciers, disappearing Arctic ice, droughts and fierce storms, as the reason, to have a gradual increase in greenhouse gases, which is apparently causing the planet to heat up.</p><p>Residential construction has be...</p>