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    Chicago Architecture Biennial: "Six Degrees" Trivia Game

    Jessica A.S. Letaw
    Sep 28, '15 7:08 PM EST

    In the vein of trivia, networked knowledge, and of course the Chicago Architecture Biennial, Architectstasy presents: a trivia game for architecture geeks!  It is a mashup of the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon plus the Wikipedia Game: linking one topic to the next by six degrees of separation.  For bonus points, print out and play with your friends; see how many they can fill in.  For extra bonus points, create your own!  (If you send them in, I will publish all new games here and on Facebook and Twitter.)

    Let the game begin!

    Mr. Tigerman is a member of the CAB advisory panel as well as the author of the 1977 conference paper “The State of the Art of Architecture” on which this biennial’s theme is based.
    Stanley Tigerman  published his book Schlepping Through Ambivalence, a collection of essays described by the publisher as “at times humorous and humble, at times biting and cantankerous,” in 2011 
    2011  the St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series
    World Series champions St. Louis Cardinals -> 1964 was the last year they had done it
    1964  Beatlemania roared through the United States
    The Beatles  band member John Lennon’s wife was Yoko Ono

    Iwan Baan was chosen to document Chicago for the event.
    Iwan Baan -> took this yoga-tastic photo at the grand opening of L.A.’s newest cultural center, the Broad Museum
    Los Angeles Broad Museum  designed by Diller Scofidio + Renfro and first cousin to the original…but in East Lansing, Michigan, and designed by Zaha Hadid
    Zaha Hadid  shares a last name with, but is not related to, Gigi Hadid
    Gigi Hadid  is a “total bestie” of Taylor Swift
    Taylor Swift  sang 2014 pop chart topper “Bad Blood

    The Chicago Cultural Center is the location for most of the CAB displays.
    Chicago Cultural Center  designed by the firm Shepley, Rutan and Coolidge, which is now the firm Shepley Bulfinch, in continuous operation now for over 125 years
    Shepley Bulfinch  working with architect Maya Lin to redesign Smith College’s library in Northampton, Massachussetts
    Maya Lin  designed the Vietnam War Memorial, commemorating soldiers who died in that conflict
    Vietnam War Memorial  it takes approximately 60 hours to read aloud every name inscribed on the war memorial
    60 hours  approximately how long it takes to drive from the Chicago Cultural Center to the Batahola Norte Cultural Center in Managua, Nicaragua

    The Chicago Architecture Biennial is North America’s first major biennial devoted to the subject of architecture.  It is patterned on similar events in Venice, Italy, and Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    The beginning of time  originated with the singularity of the Big Bang
    The Big Bang  shares a name with a popular TV show, The Big Bang Theory, created/produced/written by Bill Prady and Chuck Lorre
    Chuck Lorre  born in New York
    New York  home to the Storefront of Art and Architecture, headed up by Sarah Herda from 1998 to 2006
    Sarah Herda  codirector (along with Joseph Grima) of the first Chicago Architecture Biennial

    Iwan Baan...

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