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  • The End of the Year

    By cfearo2
    May 14, '14 6:24 PM EST

    Hey folks!Finals are finally over, yay!  That means the year end show happened pretty recently- a night here at uic that means we dress a little fancier, drink, congratulate our peers, and look at projects from each studio.  But if you didn't go, fear not!  I've collected a few that I want to... View full entry

  • Halfway There

    By cfearo2
    Mar 5, '14 1:41 PM EST

    WHAT YEAR IS IT?Sorry, just woke up from post midterms hibernation.  And speaking of which, it’s midterms week!  Which means I am long due another blog post.Obviously all of your awesome projects are going to be the main focus of this blog, but first I have a couple announcements and back of... View full entry

  • Semester II. Let's do This.

    By cfearo2
    Jan 8, '14 2:58 PM EST

    Wow is winter break really almost over?  All that spare time...  Where did it go?  I tried building a gingerbread house, but then started to have some flashbacks to building models for studio, so I quit and started crying instead.  I TOTALLY WORKED ON MY PORTFOLIO GUYS. ... View full entry

  • The End of Midterms and All That Jazz

    By cfearo2
    Oct 30, '13 9:43 AM EST

    Hey all, Here I am, finally able to post my first blog entry on the UIC Archinect blog.  Why have I not been able to post an entry yet, you may ask?  After all, Catlan, you've had this up and running for a month.  Get your stuff together, man! The answer is simply that I've been... View full entry

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