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    By monkeyboy
    Jan 31, '06 11:16 PM EST

    I never did do a final semester post...did I? Well then this is a final and beginning of semester post. The end of last semester had a pretty good turnout. Reviews happened over 3 days. The first day was the second year presentations most of which were pretty amazing. The critics included Len Imus (a nautical engineer for stevens) and Greg Otto and Matt Melnyk from Buro Happold. All the critics seemed to be fairly impressed. There was a broad range of projects ranging from surfboards to structural design to deployable housing. Our first day of reviews were more formal and included the critics David Gerber (Phd from Harvard) and Richard Garber (arch professor at NJIT). The second day was just a presentation of our Structural Design and Optimization results to Greg Otto. I feel like I am tooting my own horn but the comments made by the critics were very positive. Not only in respect to the individual projects but also to the direction of the school. These critics who are attending and have graduated from and teaching at very prestigious schools and who know what is being taught and discussed at other schools and even firms found our program very advanced and unique. Gave me a nice warm feeling deep down in the cockles of my heart.

    some images from review

    As far as our own group's review... while the comments were very positive, alot of suggestions were made to be able to add more accuracy and validity to our analyses. While these comments were respectfully taken, we had wished some of these had been made earlier in the semester. We did however perform to the ability of the tools and knowledge we attained this semester. So... now that the second semester is approaching we will not abandon the analysis process..but will now include it within what we have all been itching to get started on....DESIGN. Four of us who worked on SHoP related projects will be working in SHoP's office this semester for studio. We will also continue to intern there this summer. And possibly throughout the duration of the program.
    Furthermore, the program has recently made some exciting new potential collaborations that may be involved in a similar manner as SHoP has been. These include: Kaseman Beckman Amsterdam Studio (winners of the Pentagon Memorial and Space Shuttle Columbia memorial), KPF New York, and SOM New York.
    A couple weeks ago we attended a lecture held at the Center for Architecture. The speaker was Cristiano Ceccato, Director of Research and Consulting at Gehry Technologies.
    The lecture was fascinating and right up our alley. His discussion of the software and parametric design methodology was very similar to what we are studying. At the end of wow-ing the audience we recieved a "shout-out" from Paul Seletzky of SOM and the Center for Architecture stating that the same amazing stuff Christiano showed was going on here at Stevens. Cant pay for that kind of free advertising

    I am looking forward to this semester. We have what seems to be a great set of courses. They include a structural and environmental design/analysis course, a programming for design course, and our studio which will focus on manufacturability and fabrication. Finally, we get to use al the fancy machines in our shop!
    We have already been introduced to the multiple machines in the shop and have been told to mill our first object out of a piece of plastic. Here it is... aint it pretty.
    Pretty basic stuff but exciting for me nonetheless since it is the first time I have personally milled something.

    Here are our semester Courses:

    Mechanics for Building and Product Designers
    Instructors; Matt Melnyk, Matt Herman, and Jeremy Snyder all of Buro Happold
    Investigating the impact of environmental forces and physical phenomena within the design process. Students will develop a working knowledge of the fundememtal laws of physics pertaining to solid and fluid mechanics that predict the behavior of mechanical systems, structural systems, materials and environmental building systems.

    Topics cover the physical phenomena that effect design decisions. The mathematical representations of these phenomena form the foundation of the lectures. The application of these equations in small design problems will define the homework/lab assignments. Computational simulation tools will be used to predict the impact of physical phenomena on the design and behavior of mechanical and structural systems. The goal of the course is to provide students with analytical feedback tools and techniques to facilitate design integration and improve product performance.

    Programming for Design Applications
    Instructors: Victor Keto of Stevens Technical Institute & Kyle Steinfeld of KPF
    The objectives of this course are: 1. To teach students the value of computer programming as a parametric design tool. 2. Provide students with the Visual Basic and Knowledgeware programming skills necessary to solve highly complex design problems. 3. To teach students how to author efficiently structured scripts.

    Creative Form and the Manufacturing Environment
    Instructor: John Nastasi
    Topics in addition to the studio projects include: Rapid Prototyping (solid freeform fabrication), The Mill (machine code/numerical control/multiple too path), The Assembly (laser cutting/2D cutting vs. 3D bending), The Mold/Volume (sand casting/investment casting/cnc sand casting), The Foundry/Void (metals/composites). In addition to the the coursework students will be going on 5 or more “field trips” to operations implementing these methods.

    The Studio projects within the 1st year class include:
    Fashion Institute of Technology - in collaboration with SHoP
    Brown Univ. Athletic Facility - in collaboration with SHoP
    Kinetic Products - in collaboration with Hoberman Associates.

    On a lighter note.. i think i will try to include more personal pics so the blog doesnt get so work orientated. Here are some images of shit that went on last semester outside of school. Enjoy

    me and the little lady prior to going to the Beer Barge Halloween party.
    The party with some favorite costumes

    Stumbled upon some possible Erwin Hauer work in the city

    Our studio having fun with the 3D projection screen in the our lecture hall

    Will and Mark having fun with Xenia's project studies.

    Me and the little lady at a recent birthday party in the LES

    Had a chance to relax for happy hour on friday with the crew from ROY Design at the Hotel QT. Needless to say, i got into the pool with its swim-up bar.

    Ok, I'm done for now.. . I hope not to be as neglectful of the blog as last semester.

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