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    By jacob
    Sep 29, '11 12:02 AM EST

    The quickest introduction I can give;

    You may remember me as this guy;

    And you may also remember me as this guy;

    Now I'm this guy, but you know that because you're here.

    I'm from Ohio.   I really like it there.

    I live in New York.  I really like it here.

    Despite popular opinion, these statements are not mutually exclusive.



    Ya know...because [Ohio / New York] is the greatest place to live.  Sure, being [t]here can be extremely frustrating, and seemingly backwards, but that's all part of the charm. 

    Thanks for tuning in. 





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A collection of observations on urbanity / design / life in New York City from a guy who probably belongs back in Ohio. Thoughts on use of space, the urban fabric, the nature of transportation, the design culture, architecture (old and new), sports, music, and life. Pictures too.

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