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Sep '06 - Oct '06

  • first impressions on class

    By Carl
    Oct 13, '06 11:19 AM EST

    To answer the last question, there are 4-5 courses available in English each semester, and to that my professor speaks English, so I think it is quite good conditions for the foreign student here at titech. We are only 10-12 international students all together, but I hear that the number will and have been increased a lot the last years. The system of classes, courses and intensive workshop, though doing individually projects or competitions in groups and finding out the system of credits, is still total confusing for me. On that account I just realize that I missed two classes yesterday, because I was focusing on my intensive course assignment. But they have just begun so I hope to be allowed to enter these from next time. Strange enough the International students division has not explained any of this to us - about the system of education and classes here - but on the other hand explained the compulsory health assurance 3 or 4 times. Makes no sense... but I guess this is part of the experience of going abroad. I just feel frustrated at times, but also you have to smile a bit.
    One thing is sure, though, Japanese students work very hard and do not need to sleep - or so it seems. The advisable 8to9 hours sleep everynight - rule does not exist here. Hopefully I will get use to this. I wonder or fear....

    So, first week in school has gone by, and I have a lot more work to do before presentation on Monday. It is an intensive Course lasting 3 weeks with a Norwegian guest professor from A-Lab Architects. The theme is about the famous Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo, which is to be moved within a coupled of years and the present proposal is a mass-media centre for the possible future Tokyo Olympics 2016.
    Tsukiji is an amazing market providing most of the metropolis with fresh tuna and much more. You have to go there early early in the morning because they start the auction of fresh caught fish at 5 am, and all the fascinating events occur from 3am - 9am. So it is completely different rhythm from the rest of the city. Also the actions and activities are just astonishing particularly during auction - it is really recommendable to see before it disappears.
    The assignment is to find a new identity for the fish market area and do a strategic or planning proposal also containing urban housings. More to come on this.
    So I have uploaded a few pictures from Tsukiji - hope that you enjoy.

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  • more to come.

    By Carl
    Oct 10, '06 11:09 AM EST

    So I have been rater busy touristing Tokyo, and have not had time to post entries on my blog. I apologize for that, but classes started today and I am getting to know more of the school each day - so I expect an entry will come later this week telling a bit about school and life in Tokyo. C. View full entry

  • Finally Arrived to Tokyo

    By Carl
    Oct 2, '06 6:55 PM EST

    I arrived to Tokyo yesterday and have suffered from jetlag, so I sleeped the whole day. Today I am to visit Tokyo Institute of Technology and Tsukamoto's LAB. It will be very exciting to see how the school enviroment is. In Copenhagen we have very good conditions and facilities, I believe - so by... View full entry

  • prepare the impossible

    By Carl
    Sep 5, '06 10:04 AM EST

    1th post as Archinect blogger. This is going to be fun, I hope! As of 3 weeks from now, I am to leave for Tokyo where I have been accepted to enroll the International Masters Program at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Titech). I've never been to Tokyo, but I've read and heard stories with... View full entry

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