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Sep '06 - Nov '06

  • Who's affraid of the big bad teacher?

    By Claudiu BARSAN PIPU
    Nov 3, '06 5:57 PM EST

    School is ON. For a month now.
    I promised that I will try to tell you a little bit of what I think is going ON in my school...

    First of all I think that studying architecture is more or less like wondering through a maze ... but a maze that seems impossible to escape from. Second: there may be no exit..ever. Is there any "best position" to start from in a maze? The funny part is that maybe the exit is right behind you as you start and as time passes and you get further & further away you start realizing the huge advantage you once had.

    But where is the big bad wolf (sorry, teacher) into all this?
    Usually wondering like you in this maze... the worst part if of course meeting him in a dead end.. there is no way to run..nor can you turn.

    this happens sometimes in my school.. some students are "trapped" by big bad "OLD" wolf like teaches. Some of them wolfs used to be quite agile in their youth but they now seem to have a problem when it comes to digital red riding hoods (aka Red.RH);
    What I want to tell you is the story of a teacher from which all of the students try to escape. How important is a "good" arch. teacher for your future evolution? Very.. But can we imagine that the wolf in the story somehow helped Red.RH in her quest?
    Yes, I want to talk about teachers that showed you what YOU SHOULD NEVER DO or made you start looking elsewhere for answers;
    Share with me your BAD ARCH. WOLFS experiences...

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  • why aren't architecture studens getting enough sleep?..

    By Claudiu BARSAN PIPU
    Sep 7, '06 6:52 PM EST

    this is one of the issues i would like to explore as soon as my new school year begins (1st of October)...and trust me.. i will. see you all soon... View full entry

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