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  • scripted by purpose

    By ooid
    Aug 7, '07 4:57 AM EST

    "Explicit and encoded processes within design", an exhibition hosted and produced by the FUEL Collection - 229 Arch Street, Philadelphia, US - Opening on September the 7th 2007


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  • emtech blog

    By ooid
    Aug 4, '07 10:18 PM EST View full entry

  • AA Projects Review 2007

    By ooid
    Jul 7, '07 12:06 AM EST

    some snapshots from projects review, emtech room and emtech canopy in the terrace.. the canopy View full entry

  • easter,london,still john street...

    By ooid
    Mar 31, '07 6:24 PM EST

    here are some images from our graduate studio,john street and surrounding area... spring in London?? Cyril's cool capillary experiments.. omid's bundles.. seems like all the studio is mine during this holiday but still loads of work to do!! View full entry

  • Fibrous workshop in Istanbul...

    By ooid
    Mar 3, '07 4:47 PM EST

    here are some photos of the real scale physical prototypes so far.. i will make a big post in this week about our project.. the best thing was hanif kara and brett steele's amazing comments on our projects... View full entry

  • Fibrous workshop in Istanbul

    By ooid
    Feb 5, '07 8:19 PM EST

    we are 4 people from emtech, have been chosen to go to Istanbul for this workshop, looks like another amazing trip!!12 London Students + 18 Turkish Students Selected students will win participation to the Arkitera workshop in Istanbul (24th of February and 2nd of March) to design a fibrous... View full entry

  • New York..

    By ooid
    Jan 31, '07 7:55 PM EST

    well my visa problem turned out okay.. Smart Geometry was amazing. did not have time to see new york though, may be next time.. I worked under Chris William's Group and took some big helps also from Dritsas,andrew kudless,axel killian and Marc Fornes(not a gc tutor, but rvbscripting master!).. all... View full entry

  • waiting for phase2

    By ooid
    Dec 19, '06 6:27 PM EST

    Well, I know I have not been a decent and proper blogger but we have been really busy about our tasks and those strict working times still continue...We have to give a submisson about 4000 words that determines that if we pass to phase2..After that submission, Im going to post our emergence task... View full entry

  • material systems

    By ooid
    Nov 11, '06 5:59 PM EST

    we made some form-finding experiments with viscous materials, next week we will go to the hooke park to carry on this material system research in depth for 7 days-hard working schedule. There is no internet and cellphones are not working in hooke park by the way, almost 5 hours car-distance away... View full entry

  • GC

    By ooid
    Oct 19, '06 4:28 PM EST

    the title explains itself actually...I have been busy with our seminar lectures and computer workshops for almost 3 weeks. We just started to learn "Generative Components" software that has amazing properties in terms of production and manipulation capacities. Even creating a simple geometrical... View full entry

  • Young Architect of the Year Award 2006

    By ooid
    Oct 7, '06 6:01 AM EST

    I'm trying to exchange my computer nowadays, as soon as I settle down the news will be updated about my are some couples of photos from Yaya for now View full entry

  • emtech presentations

    By ooid
    Sep 26, '06 4:46 PM EST

    after having waited about 3 hours in front of brandon house police station for visa-registration, I had a chance to participate emtech all day presentations today..the critics and the presentations are quite informative. Later we visited plasma studio,they showed us some of their new and ongoing... View full entry

  • registration day

    By ooid
    Sep 25, '06 3:59 PM EST

    long day, long quees and trips sign-ups... I had a chance to sign up for plasma studio. will be a pretty busy and exciting week!. View full entry

  • delirious london

    By ooid
    Sep 22, '06 11:32 AM EST

    I'm in this beautiful city again... here is my base in london, looks like i will be studying in front of this window until pretty late times.. Ps: I still do not have a digital camera,they are beautiful and so thin but too expensive to jewellery..and the cheap ones look like miami vice... View full entry

  • captain organic

    By ooid
    Sep 17, '06 2:28 PM EST

    here is a nice talk of rose lovegrove..I liked the way that he differentiated himself from those blob guys and another ind. designers that using "form" for consumerism View full entry

  • first stl model

    By ooid
    Sep 11, '06 11:05 AM EST

    14 days left for the school so still so much time to develop my computer skills.. here is my first stl model attempt, i just mate this "ring" on rhinoceros,modelled precisely in mm sizes and thanx to materialise nextday services it was on my home after 24 hours..i wish they were using metal based... View full entry

  • first entry...

    By ooid
    Sep 5, '06 7:21 AM EST

    about myself; I was born in Turkey, and living in Istanbul currently. I studied "interior architecture and enviromental design" at Bilkent University in Turkey. I attended AA summerschool last year and that made me realize my current interests about architectural intelligence and biomimetic so... View full entry

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