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  • Wars destroy the future, but architecture can rebuild a better future.

    Mariz Youssef
    Apr 12, '21 2:45 PM EST

    Photo credit by Urgurgaller

    Looking at these pictures, I felt that life is not fair. 

    But I believe that architecture can bring justice to an environment that was damaged by war.

    No one can stop the war; this is out of control.

    Imagine that you lost your hometown and couldn't adapt to the life around you that has been destroyed.

    How can you stay around your destroyed home?

    How can you get your home back?

    Can architecture solve the problems of wars and destructions?

    Will architecture bring hope to places where there is no hope?

    In history:

    Post-war, modern architecture, famous architects were significant to the history and growth of the modernist movement by Frank Lloyd Wright, Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier, Richard Neutra, and Alvar Aalto.  

    The devastation caused by the war was another factor in the rise of modern architecture. 

    They continued to change the architectural style during the destruction and inspired other architects to learn more about modern architecture. They used art, science, and technology to develop architecture after them.

    They showed the purpose of architecture during the war. These architects taught us a great lesson that even when there is no hope, be resilient and creative because that time will help you reach your full potential and build a dream to help others. 

    Everyone deserves to have a roof over their heads. No rights for wars to destroy and damage shelters, schools, and hospitals.

    Architects can use architecture to make a difference and build a brighter future.

    Architecture is a relatively long-term expression of how social aspects perceive them and how they perceive the environment. 

    It can be as a time file of human history and human thought. It is a powerful reflection of human culture.

    Architecture is not only to design buildings but also for helping communities and applying human safety.

    Architecture is the only key to give hope and fixes the destruction of wars and politics.

    The history of architecture is the history of the struggle for light.”

                      Le Corbusier

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