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  • My architecture dreams

    Mariz Youssef
    May 1, '21 11:51 AM EST

    Architecture school was my dream since when I was 12 years old. Now, almost getting to my third year of architecture school, I started to see the future in architecture from a different perspective. It is more than just buildings; it is more for humanity and community.

    My dreams are graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and getting my license because I want to work legally in architecture firms. My hope to accomplish after school is traveling around the world to see the architecture in different cultures and how it can inspire me through my architecture designs.

    In this class, I learned how Frank Gehry was particularly fascinated by the Greek sculptor and inspired him to express his designs. That encourages and inspires me to make time and money for traveling to experience what Frank Gehry absorbed.

    I’m always trying to express movement; I was fascinated with the fold so basic to our first feelings of love and warmth.”

    Frank Gehry

    Also, I learned in Santiago Calatrava Reading from Mastery by Robert Greene that Calatrava wanted to go beyond the surface. He was ready to take place in some architecture firm. Instead, he believed something was missing in his knowledge and wanted to gain a degree in civil engineering that would obtain himself. My dream is to be Calatrava and Gehry because of their unstoppable passion for architecture and knowledge.

    My biggest fears are the obstacles and circumstances in life that might stop me from not achieving my dream. Another big concern is that when Covid-19 continues to separate us, architects will give up on building shelters and hospitals because our unity strengthens us to help those in need.

     Future is the hope, the mystery, and the solutions for what’s today’s challenges. Architecture is getting developed every day through using technology and science I believe that architecture can play an essential role in any place. Architecture can repair any building was destroyed through war, hurricane, tsunami, wildfires, and earthquakes.

    I think the way to look at the present and the design architects think about the future is to design to survive. Architects must try to understand the role of architecture in the post-pandemic period. Architects first need to better understand how we live in buildings and how we move in space.

    The architects of the future will discover the balance between design and style, art and science, and the balance between technology and theory. Only time can determine the balance of these concepts at the same time.

    “As an architect you design for the present, with an awareness of the past, for a future which is essentially unknown.”


    Norman Foster

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