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  • Idol's, masters, and their work ethics

    Sergio Santos
    Feb 24, '21 2:33 PM EST

    How can we educate ourselves from the people who we look up to and use it to our own benefit for architecture? Many students in the field of architecture have different hobbies, most involving people who we consider our idols. In this case, Kobe Bryant and other great athletes including different artist all have worked hard to get themselves in the position of excellence that they are known for by their work ethics. This is because all the people who we more so look up to have a different mentality than the norm, they use their free time to learn more about their craft, they are always in a state of constantly improving to get better and doing more than the next guy to stay at that top tier level.  

    Why is this important? In order to become very skillful in architecture or the path that we choose, we can easily learn what separates the people who are master’s at their craft form the others, and so why not set our mentality as theirs for the better, even though they have different career paths. From what we can see and learn from our idols is their work ethics they have and what we can acquire for our own benefit. For example, we can work hard long hours to improve and become more efficient in our work that we produce in studio. Which also ties to the mentality of pushing forward even when we feel we are at a breaking point; this is important skillset to develop because we can become more productive and it can only lead us to do more than the other person. We can also do work related activities that our idols themselves do in their craft, in this case we can do studio related work such as reading, drawing, and watching videos, and more to master and dominate our craft and eventually create our own style in architecture.

    We can see how masters have conquered their craft by creating their own rhythm and style from their work ethics to solve their own problems in their field. This is important to architecture students because we still need learn how to master a design that is beneficial for people. We need to learn how to make architecture respond to climate justice which we are recently trying figure out in school. This is one issue that architecture has faced, many buildings created do not respond to the climate or communities. We are recently learning that there are issues we need to be responsible for and from our work ethics we can only expect we will in one day get closer to finding a solution for climate issues.

    By following the work ethics that our idols have we can also use it to our own use in our career, working hard, training our mindsets can only make us gain knowledge and improve our work to get a certain level of proficiency and create our own style architecturally. 

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