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  • Designing for the Majority

    Sergio Santos
    Apr 12, '21 2:44 PM EST

    Being an owner of a 67 and a 2015 mustang, pretty much of everything in the car has changed besides its name. The car has evolved for its users experience for the last 57 years. For example, both cars suspension, steering and handling of the car, and the look itself is totally different. Along many other performances that have changed from the beginning of its time, it has been done so only to satisfy the general population, however that goal of producing for the general population has never change it has only been consistently improved over the years. Such as in architecture, architects have started to develop and acknowledge the importance of having a community space to serve for the greater good. Most certainly, change is happening in architecture, spaces are being built to accommodate to what most people generally like. Which has been done well in car production industry since they are always thinking about what the general population would want and the experience they will get once you inhabit the space. This way of thinking should most certainly be taken into consideration for an architect, build a design that is targeted for a community and not just for its aesthetic look.

    In architecture, however it is still viewed in both ways. An architect can either create a building for the greater population or for his client and have a meaning towards what they produce, or they can just create for its aesthetic look. This is to say an architect can create a community building for multiple purposes such as Heatherwick Studio conceptual design devised as a pergola which is to create a mix of office, residential, retail, a school, and a temple in Tokyo and although it is not built it had the potential to impact most people around the area once it is open in 2023. However, architects are also known to create meaningless buildings such as the “The Vessel” in NYC, which is also done by Heatherwick Studios, which is a honeycomb staircase that is 16 stories high and just created for a nice aesthetic look, so why not use all the 200 million dollars wasted on this project to be invested on a building with more meaning and that gives back to the community.

    Unlike in the car production world, companies are always in the mind state of creating for their users and not for themselves, whereas in architecture some of the architect’s lack in consideration of the community and just create for the nice geometry from that are pleasing to the eye but do not go far into helping people. 

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  • Sea Level Rise and Coastal Design

    Sergio Santos
    Mar 14, '21 7:54 PM EST

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  • Idol's, masters, and their work ethics

    Sergio Santos
    Feb 24, '21 2:33 PM EST

    How can we educate ourselves from the people who we look up to and use it to our own benefit for architecture? Many students in the field of architecture have different hobbies, most involving people who we consider our idols. In this case, Kobe Bryant and other great athletes including different... View full entry

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