San Francisco, CA | Culver City, CA


100 California

A Lobby For The Ages

Lobbies of the past were designed as imposing, transitory spaces, but in the case of this landmark building, the team built on the Client’s vision to revitalize the space and transform it into an inviting, vibrant building amenity and destination in and of itself for employees and visitors alike.

Inspired by the building's origins as Bethlehem Steel’s west coast headquarters and as a symbol of post-war industry growth, we aimed to awaken the sense of optimism inherent to the era within the context of the new industry that defines the Bay Area of today.

By extensively studying foot-traffic patterns, we determined that by relocating and reimagining the security checkpoint as a concierge desk, we could open up space and create a more accessible and welcoming environment.

A custom light fixture is the focal point of the entire lobby. Picking up on all of the angular expressions implemented elsewhere in the space, it was designed to feel like a 3D sketch in space. The design of the fixture went through many iterations with each iteration reducing the element further until it was only as much as needed to demonstrate the lightness and fluidity of a hand sketch in space. The end result is a timeless design both tips its hat to the past while welcoming in the future.

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Status: Built
Location: San Francisco, CA, US
Firm Role: Blitz provided Architecture, Interior Design, Furniture Design, and Lighting Design services