Bridget Gayle Ground

Bridget Gayle Ground

Austin, TX, US



Bridget is a graduate student at the University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture, where she is enrolled in the M.S. in Architectural Studies (Interdisciplinary) program. Through coursework in architectural history and information studies, her research focuses on how the history of the built environment is preserved through museum collections and exhibitions. With nearly 10 years of experience as a museum professional and a B.A. in Urban Studies with minors in architecture and art history, she is particularly interested in how the sense of a place can be conveyed and explored through various media like photography, books, and ephemera.

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Architecture's place in the museum, Wed, Aug 17 '16

The role that architecture plays in our individual and communal lives is often overlooked, yet in an age when environmental crises are imminent and individuals increasingly turn inward to their electronic devices, an investment in quality spaces that promote social and ecological well-being seems ...

Architecture's place in the museum


The University of Texas at Austin, Masters, Architectural Studies

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