AUX Architecture

AUX Architecture

Los Angeles, CA


Croft Residence

This single-family home, designed by Brian Wickersham and his firm, AUX Architecture, was designed to meet the economic demands of maximizing square footage while preserving indoor-outdoor living. Challenged by a lot only 40 feet wide, the residence features living spaces all designed to open to the outside. An existing pool on the site was reduced in size and left in place so the main living spaces open to it. A roof garden provides additional outdoor space that was otherwise displaced by the building footprint. The material shift of white stucco against gray Equitone fiber cement board panels is intended to read as if the gray mass is being cut away to reveal the museum quality white interior – like a box with incisions made into it. A balcony off the master bathroom is the perfect example. Photos: Hunter Kerhart; Andrew Dinsky PLG Estates.

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Status: Built
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US