AUX Architecture

AUX Architecture

Los Angeles, CA


AUX Studio & the art room café & Gallery

AUX Architecture’s office is housed in a brick building from 1915. The 3,250 square foot creative office preserves the original warm red brick walls and features an open plan for 32 desks, as well as private conference and meeting rooms, a kitchenette, lounge, and mezzanine workspace. Large white walls provide ample pin-up space for project design sketches and drawings and allow all members of the studio to collectively – and collaboratively – participate in every project’s ideation.

The office is part of a larger multi-use space that includes the art room café and bar and the art room gallery. The project re-thinks how an all-day café, gallery, and office can be configured for a diverse range of people including artists, designers, musicians, architects, chefs, baristas, mixologists, photographers, and performers. The design focuses on achieving maximum flexibility and creating a place for people to come together.

The building’s signature kinetic façade is custom designed and consists of three aluminum screens. One moves up and down, one left and right, and one stays in place. Designed to both identify and secure the building, there are four possible configurations: when the Studio and Café are both open or closed, and when one or the other is open or closed. The screens are also used to control the amount of light that filters into the building.

The building’s original warm red brick walls and concrete floors were refurbished and spaces within the Studio are defined by 14-foot-tall white walls. The main room features an open floor plan for 32 workstations. Private conference and meeting rooms, a kitchenette, lounge, and a mezzanine provide more space for staff to work and connect. The walls provide ample pin-up space for project sketches and allow studio members to collaborate. Floor to ceiling glass windows and doors provide access to both the Studio and the café next door.

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Status: Built
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
Firm Role: Architect