Audrey Bertrand

Audrey Bertrand

New York, NY, US


Nouvelles Casernes

The goals of the new Constructive Innovations Pole are to improve the comprehension and visibility of the Nouvelles Casernes, a group of ancient military barracks in Quebec City, through contemporary interventions and new meeting spaces between the users and the public.  The project proposes an easy access to the site through clear and appropriated planning.  The patrimonial approach is reversible by adding new contemporary additions at a respectful distance of the existing building.

New additions to the Nouvelles Casernes were designed through strategic perspective studies.  From those perspective and access points, the military barracks are now visible from a multitude of places in the city. Those new additions are also positioned so as to structure the length of the barracks by prioritizing different entries. The gold material, an alloy of copper and aluminum, is used to create a new identifying element for the heritage building and to announce from the outside the public spaces inside.

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Status: School Project
Location: Quebec, QC, CA
My Role: Master of architecture's project
Additional Credits: In collaboration with Geneviève Deguire