Audrey Bertrand

Audrey Bertrand

New York, NY, US


Cinéma Cartier

This project, combined with a thesis, is about the reanimation of an old movie palace into a new place for cinema.  The new movie theater is inspired by an immersive experience of space to create a new media experience.  The project of the Cinéma Cartier is, then, a reflexion about the cinema in the city and about the great importance of keeping old movies theaters as living memory. Built in 1929, the Cinéma Cartier is a movie palace in Montreal.  Once numerous in Montreal, these old buildings are now abandoned and looking for a second life.  From the typology of movie palaces, this project keeps the facade and the marquise, a grand immersive space, and the effervescence of being together as a cultural and symbolic value of the site. The new Cinéma Cartier is therefore an immersion in history, but with contemporary methods for projections.  The new planning is flexible and adaptable, so it can change as fast as numeric medias.


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Status: School Project
Location: Montreal, QC, CA
My Role: Master project