atelier tho.A

atelier tho.A

Ho Chi Minh City, VN


Gamma's office

As a company that provides accessories, materials, products related to furniture manufacturing and interior design, Gamma had a desire to expand their working space for about 15 employees as well as to renew the interior in order to harmonize the space with the nature of their work. With an area of 65m2, Gamma’s new office which was designed by atelier tho.A and utilized all the old cabinets and chairs was finally completed at a low cost: $6,000. A multipurpose common space was created to integrate various functions such as working, exhibiting, meeting, relaxing…, at the same time encouraged the connection between smaller spaces through the translucent characteristic of fabric, which also provided by Gamma. By that way, tailors are those who take the main responsibility for construction instead of brickies as usual.

By using “translucent fabric walls”, the functional spaces can be changed by rotating the hanging frames. Due to the translucency and penetration of the "fabric walls," a space can inadvertently lay in another, many layers make people's activities between these spaces visible and mysterious. The central space, the intermediate space, and the relative privacy space are also formed. In addition, the delimitation is not always evident. The combination of fabric and hanging frames creates a flexible change, but the softness of the fabric causes the change of perimeter more difficult to predict, sometimes it can be touched, sometimes not. The space in this case becomes an idea that is soft and elastic. Defined and undefined perimeters simultaneously make the architecture here has no border, and no specific content as well.

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Status: Built
Location: Ho Chi Minh City, VN
Firm Role: Architecture