Brijhette Farmer

Brijhette Farmer

Buffalo, NY, US



Brijhette Farmer recently completed her final year of graduate school at the State University of New York at Buffalo in the Department of Architecture. She completed her thesis, which focuses on the intersection of product design, poverty, and transitional natural disaster housing, in June 2014. She is currently seeking employment and internship opportunities in the fields of architecture and structural engineering. Other areas of interest include graphic design, data visualization, and computer programming.

Ms. Farmer dreams of working and researching to combine the necessity of sound engineering with the opportunities of architectural design to help alleviate poverty and advance natural disaster mitigation in cities in the US and countries around the globe.


University at Buffalo, Buffalo, New York, South Campus , MArch, Architecture

Brijhette's work and passion are grounded at the often messy intersection between the built environment, the poor, and inequality. Her main academic and research interests are universal design, situated technologies (interaction design), and structural & earthquake engineering.

Aug 2010 - Jun 2015

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