Alexander Guzman

Alexander Guzman

Brooklyn, NY, US


Touching Me Softly: Mobile Dwelling

+FARM 2015 Summer Nomadic Studio: Touching Me Softly, begins at the meeting point of physical and digital space.  The intersection of technology, material, and performative variants led us to consider the potential for making a new type of domestic space - the nomadic dwelling. 

This studio was conducted over the course of 10 days with 15 participants and 7 facilitators. I was a Teaching assistant and a supervisor of the wood shop and construction process. 

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Status: Built
Location: Buffalo, NY, US
My Role: Teaching Assistant + Construction Supervisor
Additional Credits: Sean Barbe, Monifa Charles, Eileen Zhang, Erin Darnauer, Maksim Drapey, Christin Hu, Nelson De Jesus, Michelle Misciagno, Myah Price, `Yuki Nakayama, Aura Phongsirivech, Mark Rakhmanov, Hanson Sohn, Jiachang Ye, Natasha Tsikuonova,

Facilitators: William Haskas, Matei Denes, Lavander, Tessmer, Valerie Arthur, Alexander Guzman, Jonathan Yates, Andrew Nisbet