Alexander Guzman

Alexander Guzman

Brooklyn, NY, US


DökHaut: Winter Land Station

The title, DökHaut, refers to that experience of light and sound that are expansive and deep which dissolve and imperceptibly retreat from from the user, but at the same time within the hollow void, it is the captured nothingness that becomes precious. DökHaut re-interprets space-making as an act shaped by the changing conditions and behaviors of its environment.  It seeks to transform the relationship between user and behavior.

This was a 4 day intensive Design + Build studio. I was a participant and was an active part of the process from design to final construction.

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Status: Built
Location: Buffalo, NY, US
My Role: Participant
Additional Credits: +FARM
William Haskas, Matthew White, Emily Wutz, Michelle Misciago, Liv Marrese, Semi Park, Mel Agosto, Val Arthus, Jonathan Yates, Andrew Nisbet