Arshia Architects

Arshia Architects

Los Angeles, CA



The design for this single-family residence originated from the desire to respect the natural environment and the concept of creating a minimalist shell that would simplify the building to its most basic form.

Starting with wide steps that lead up to the entrance, the stairs continue inside and serve, not merely as a utility, but as a vehicle to gradually move residents throughout the house. Using a split-level design reduces the perceived distance from one floor to the next and gives the impression of separated rooms while still allowing for large open spaces. The feeling of openness is further enhanced by transparent faces that provide a visual connection from the front to the back of the site and allow the exterior to flow through the interior, filling the house with natural daylight. 

In order to blend in with its surroundings, natural colors, materials, and textures were chosen to give the house an earthy and harmonious appearance while the roof was sculpted to resemble a natural landscape. The overall design also takes advantage of the bowl-shaped site by allowing for more privacy in the backyard, which consists of a secluded pool area on the second level that is nestled between the house and the hillside.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: 2210 Bowmont Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210