Arshia Architects

Arshia Architects

Los Angeles, CA



With a grandiose rhythm of pale lights, the internal space of Bedford expands the visual landscape without the need for an expansion of the floor area. Lights were carefully selected from a manufacturer to allow seamless integration with the design ceiling landscape. Concealment of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and audio-visual controls played a role in reducing excessive visual cues and thus attending to the main objective of the space: the treatment and comfort of patients.  

The concept circulated the radical notion of an open dental office that is separated by low partitions, built-in furniture and intensities of light. Where physical separation was necessary, low-iron glass was used to create ultimate transparency. The office became a field, rather than a room with a direct visual connection to the large window, overlooking the cityscape center as soon as entry is afforded. In turn, the peripheral enamel of the space at large, served as a buffer that also accommodated the administrative and related functions.

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Status: Built