Francisco Javier Dominguez Rogers

Francisco Javier Dominguez Rogers

Santiago, CL

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Sustainability and BIM methodology is part on each project developed.

Great expertise in solutions for architecture and building design. Great emphasis on solving situations with new computing and manufacturing technologies. Teamwork and multidisciplinary Management. Manufacture process control. Establishes strong links with clients. Easy adaptability


ARQvision BIM Sustainable Architeture, Santiago, CL, CEO co founder

Company founder. Establishment of business model and marketing. Project Manager and Architectural design process.
Sustainable Design implementation. BIM Method adoption. IT management. Site Supervision. Human Resources control creating teamwork.

Dec 1999 - current

FASTSTEEL ATL CHILE, Rancagua, CL, General Manager

Starting-up factory model and building. Human resources management. Marketing management. Control of productive processes. Site Building Supervision. Logistics control. Design Department Supervision.

Oct 2015 - Nov 2017


Universidad de Chile, Santiago, CL, BArch, Architect

From the FAU website: "Career aimed at young people with artistic aptitude and capacity for reflection, analysis and creativity and interested in the architectural environment and its projection in the construction and urbanization of cities in the context of national development, and interpretation of the expectations of the community".

Its methodology is oriented in produce Architects with knowledge in Architecture Design, with skills in Building Design, Urban development, Construction, Seismic Structures and Sustainability.
General BIM and CAD utilization and a bast recognition in the world. And it is considered the First Architecture School in Chile, and is seventh in Latin America.

Mar 1988 - Dec 1996


General Prize Chile: Holcim Awards for Sustainable Construction, Award

The award was in Chile to be qualified to the Latin America contest. But wasn't mentioned outside.

My idea of a Sustainable House is referred to climate in a passive way eliminating the use of fossil fuel.

Our proposal was an idea to revolutionize the way we climatize housing, I developed a system called DCP. That cools in Summer and heating in winter, only with the energy of the sun.

This system operates in conjunction with the pool of the house which is a large thermal radiator in summer. In winter, however, the circuit closes and only the air circulates through the cells, which heat and inject it into the interior.


"FIRST PRIZE" CAP Challenge for Architects Students, 1st Place

The Challenge was the 1993 version for a Religious Cult Centre.

Peñalolén is a locality near the Andes Mountains in the city of Santiago.

Its people is majority Catholic and there aren't places to go to its cult.

As the typical spanish founding cities, where start in the Square of Arms. Where live together the Government and the Religion power. We located this Catholic Centre near the Consistorial Building of the Municipality.


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