Aris Gkitzias

Aris Gkitzias

Delft, NL


Adaptive Shading System for Gridshells

TU Delft Course: AR1AE015 Bucky Lab Design
The assignment of the Bucky Lab design project was to create an innovative facade concept, with the end goal of building a prototype at 1:1 scale.
The proposed concept from our team was a folding sun shading unit that can be integrated in shell structures tessellated by triangles (e.g., geodetic domes or freeform gridshells).

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Status: School Project
Location: -
My Role: Leading role in the development of the concept. Design the shop drawing using Rhino and Grasshoper. The renders were made importing the Rhino model in the Autodesk Maya software.
Additional Credits: The project was held with Niels van Dijk (fellow student) who also worked in the development of the facade unit having the leading role in the structural mechanics calculations.