Aris Gkitzias

Aris Gkitzias

Delft, NL


Research & Design Institute in Den Haag

TU Delft Course: AR2AE035 Building and Engineering Design (energy efficient driven design).
This assignment deals with the design problem of a multi-storey “Research Institute” in which a variety of functions are housed. In this institute designers and post-doctorate researchers will be working with students from academies and universities on designs in their own areas of interest. The location of the building is nearby the River Vliet, between Voorburg and Leidschendam (Den Haag area).

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Status: School Project
Location: River Vliet, between Voorburg and Leidschendam (Den Haag area)
My Role: Leading role in the architectural concept. Climate designer responsible for the thermal simulations and the development of the facade concept, as well as, for the main facade detailing.