Oakland, CA

'Noodle Waves at Night' - Credit Patricia Chang
"Noodle Waves at Night" - Credit Patricia Chang
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Ramen Hiroshi in Northern CA

Ramen Hiroshi, designed by Oakland-based architecture and design firm Arcsine, combines traditional Asian influence with the modern, industrial design of its location at City Center Bishop Ranch in San Ramon.

A small yet impactful space, Ramen Hiroshi’s design uses a sophisticated palate of black and grey shades, along with reds, representative of Japanese culture and tradition. Upon entering Hiroshi, focus is drawn to a Japanese-inspired mural spanning the length of the restaurant. Titled “Noodle Waves at Night,” the colorful mural features an overflowing bowl of ramen noodles resembling ocean waves underneath a starry sky.

Wrapping both the interior walls and L-shaped counter is dark grey tile wainscot paneling with a simple yet striking light grey accent tile behind the bar––reminiscent of shou sugi ban, an 18th century Japanese technique to weatherproof wood furniture.  To underline the warmth and elegance of Japanese architecture, a wooden trim lines the tilework. Outside, the patio is encased by a simple railing, maintaining the same clean, neutral tones as the interior, with tables and seating to accommodate 20 guests.

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Status: Built
Location: San Ramon, CA, US
Firm Role: Architect and Designer
Additional Credits: Patricia Chang, photographer

Interior - Credit Patricia Chang
Interior - Credit Patricia Chang
Exterior - Credit Patricia Chang
Exterior - Credit Patricia Chang