Oakland, CA


Agave Uptown

Agave Uptown was named in homage to the agave plant, the vital ingredient in mezcal production. As a central Oaxacan commodity, the majestic agave plant serves as a cultural mainstay, supporting communities who rely on the cultivation of mezcal. Using similar techniques as ancient Zapotecs, the modern day farmer still uses a tool called the coa to remove the leaves from the piña – the heart of the agave plant – which is then roasted to garner the smokey flavors, crushed, mixed with water and allowed to ferment.

Housed on the ground floor of the Kapor Center for Social Impact, Agave Uptown is a 4,000-square-foot oasis filled with thoughtful design references that bring the history and diverse energy of Oaxaca, Mexico to Oakland, California. Alongside an authentic menu and inventive cocktails the intent to create windows into the culture of Oaxaca are evidenced by the cool blues and earthy reds found in the region’s food and landscape. Through a comprehensive approach to architecture, interior design and creative direction we were able to create a strong sense of place in the design of a space that draws many cultural parallels; dedicated craftsmen, artistry and narrative depth are inherent and distinguished characteristics of each locale.

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Status: Built
Location: Oakland, CA, US
Firm Role: Architect and Interior Designer of record