Architecture Patrick Mauger

Architecture Patrick Mauger

Paris, FR


“Grand Lognes” training site

The restructuring and extension to the Lognes site for the Ministry of the Interior aims to make it the main Grand Paris training center.

A “blue” gallery has been created that acts as the project’s backbone and provides the distribution needed for the restructured buildings and extensions. It permits a separation between visitor, trainee and personnel movements and ensures the readability of the centre, with administrative premises to the south and training premises to the north.

At its entrance point, the gallery opens onto a new urban esplanade that gives the building an institutional image, crosses the site and leads through to the auditorium and restaurant.

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Status: Built
Location: Lognes, FR
Firm Role: architect
Additional Credits: Khephren, Cap Ingelec, Dal, Etamine, Avls, Alto Step, Alain Le Bahl, Sophie Barbaux