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Monil Shah

Buffalo, NY, US

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Beyond satisfying the contemporary needs of the rising global population, architecture is a means of expression. From the concept, the long-term commitment of any space becomes intuitively clear, and it is the designer’s role to make sure that it’s utility adapts to the evolving needs of people. 



AIA Buffalo/WNY, Buffalo, NY, US, Social Media Consultant

Voluntary Work as a Social Media Consultant on increasing the virtual footprint of American Institute of Architects - WNY Buffalo Chapter.

- Giving inputs on the ways of making the posts reach as many accounts as possible.
- Provide templates for developing the social media posts and the website rebranding.
- Promotional strategies and numerical analysis of the post reaches, to derive the times of posting.

May 2023 - current

University at Buffalo - Architecture and Planning, Buffalo, NY, US, Senior Research Assistant

Worked under Professor Jin Young Song in the UB School of Architecture and Planning, on developing interactive installations and modular construction techniques.

- Assist in developing scaled models as prototypes.
- Work on full-scale installations as and when required.
- 3D Printing, as an essential part of the model-making responsibilities.

Skills: Design Thinking · 3D Printing · Steel Structures · Model Making

Jan 2024 - May 2024

University at Buffalo - Architecture and Planning, Buffalo, NY, US, Assistant at the UB Digital Fabrication Laboratory

Getting a hands-on macro-understanding about different construction materials, and a micro-understanding about digital fabrication of the same, is something that I have found intriguing, and hence, I have taken up this role. My key responsibilities were -

-Laser Cutting, primarily on Plywood, and Acrylic.
-Assisting in the CNC cutting.
-Resolving issues with the machines.
-Customer handling and assistance with file submissions.
-Preparing material kits for the students.

Skills: Laser Cutting · Customer Service Management

Jan 2023 - May 2024

University at Buffalo - Architecture and Planning, Buffalo, New York, United States, Research Assistant

Given my affinity towards exploring the field of Urban Design, I worked under the mentorship of Dr. Kristine Stiphany on the Design for Resilient Environments (DRE) Lab at UB. My key responsibilities were -

-3D Modelling of trailer home modules in Sparks and Cameron Park, TX, USA.
-Development of graphic styles for landscaping corridors and vegetation patterns in Sparks, TX, USA.
-Graphics for a blog on PICI Housing, Brazil.
-Data Segregation and Data Entry, for Heliopolis,Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Skills: Design Thinking · SketchUp · Lumion · Adobe InDesign · Adobe Illustrator · d5 Render · V-Ray · Adobe Photoshop · Rhino 3D

Aug 2023 - Jan 2024

Parco Studio, San Francisco, CA, US, 3D Modelling Specialist

- Primary role dealt with preparing 3D models for residential buildings in San Francisco.
- Special attention being paid to the building codes of the state of California.-

Skills: Design Thinking · SketchUp · AutoCAD

Aug 2023 - Jan 2024

University at Buffalo - Architecture and Planning, Buffalo, New York, United States, Social Media Designer

Worked as a Content Creator for the UB Fabrication Workshop's Instagram Page.
- Developed the strategy of posting, that comprised of post scheduling, post types, and post interactions.
- Designed the templates for posts, that included fonts, colors, compositions, and placements.
- Besides these, also did photography and videography for the posts, alongwith the edits to be sent out on the post.

Skills: Online Graphics · Digital Illustration · Adobe InDesign · Instagram · Social Media · Interpersonal Communication · Adobe Photoshop

Aug 2023 - Dec 2023

University at Buffalo - Architecture and Planning, Buffalo, New York, United States, Basic Web Developer

Undertook a set of basic web development tasks for the school's official website.
- Worked in WordPress as the front-end for the website.
- Added data for the school's annual design publication, Intersight-25, on the school website.
- Went through an extensive set of Data entries about the school's staff members. Undertook a set of basic web development tasks for the school's official website.

Skills: Web Content Writing · WordPress Design · Web Development

May 2023 - Jul 2023

University at Buffalo - Architecture and Planning, Buffalo, NY, US, Professional Photographer

Worked as a professional photographer for the University for the Communications Department.

- Covered a variety of events, from Table Talks to DWL Faculty Tours.
- Edited and curated the photographs at the end of each event.

Skills: Event Photography · Interpersonal Communication · Adobe Photoshop

Jan 2023 - May 2023

9th House, Los Angeles, CA, US, Senior Architectural Visualizer

Worked primarily on preparing pre-visualizations for hotel owners in the USA.-

Skills: Presentations · Adobe Photoshop

Sep 2022 - May 2023

Design Molecule, Ahmedabad, IN, Senior Architectural Visualizer

- Preparing the architectural visualizations and renders of motels in the US and Canada
- Preparing the moodboards for the project
- Intricate 3D modelling of the prototype rooms, lobby area, pool area and exteriors
- Detailed construction drawing of the furniture pieces
- Curating items such as light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, and color shades, as part of the FFE list
- Designing contemporary murals for different properties
- Pitching the final proposals to the client, and addressing their concerns during the meetings.

Skills: Design Thinking · Hotel Design · Presentations · Interpersonal Communication

May 2021 - Aug 2022

Freelance (self-employed), Ahmedabad, IN, Principal Interior Designer

- Worked on Flats, Bungalows, Penthouses, Weekend Homes, Offices, Landscaping (to some extent)
- Assisted in designing, visited sites to ensure proper working
- Furniture, Civil, Electrical, Plumbing work mainly
- Developed all Architectural and Interior competent drawings in AutoCad
- 3D Modelling in Sketchup, and rendering in V-Ray.

Skills: Design Thinking · SketchUp · AutoCAD · Lumion · Adobe InDesign · Adobe Illustrator · Interior Fit-out · d5 Render · Presentations · Architects · Rhinoceros · Interpersonal Communication · V-Ray · Adobe Photoshop · Rhino 3D · Twinmotion · Walkthroughs · Interior Styling

May 2018 - Aug 2022

Freelance (self-employed), Ahmedabad, IN, Social Media Designer and Consultant

Worked as a Social Media Designer for the platforms Instagram, Twitter (now X), and Facebook.
- Logo Design, Photography, Graphic Design and Caption writing for 2 local apparel companies.
- Acted as a consultant and a part of the advisory team for 1 finance company, and 2 interior design firms.
- Creating from the ground up, to rebranding the existing companies, the spectrum of creativity is vast enough.
- Conducted a basic study of the post impressions to ensure the next set of posts reach the maximum accounts, without spending promotional money.

Skills: Design Thinking · Graphic Design · Commercial Photography · Template Design · Interpersonal Communication · Adobe Photoshop · Social Media Marketing · Numerical Analysis · Photo Shoots · Logo Design

Aug 2020 - Jul 2022

Freelance (self-employed), Ahmedabad, IN, Professional Photographer

- Have the experience of working professionally as a photographer for interior photoshoots and events.
- Events include ceremonies, portrait photoshoots, interior photography, architectural photography.
- Also undertook a Photography Workshop headed by Deepshikha Jain, that focused on architectural photography and storytelling.

Skills: Interpersonal Communication · Photography · Adobe Photoshop

Jun 2015 - Jul 2022

'A-League" Prep School - Overseas Education Consultancy, Ahmedabad, IN, Intermediate Content Writer

Worked on documents required by the students for overseas education.
- Letter of Recommendations, Cover Letters, Resumes, Essay Prompts, and Appeal Emails, are the major categories I worked upon.
- Took regular meetings with the students to ensure the accuracy of and cohesion within the data points in the documents.
- Also worked as a Graphic Designer for many events, such as the Street Smart, conducted by the company's Non Profit Organization.
- Trained a couple of students for virtual workshops based on painting and mobile photography, organized by the company every other weekend.

Skills: Graphic Design · Content Writer

Aug 2019 - Jun 2021

Esha Mehta Interiors, Ahmedabad, IN, Design Associate

Worked with Interior Designer Esha Mehta, on preparing the first drafts of interior layouts, for residential and commercial projects.
- Prepared furniture details, presentation drawings, and other necessary working documents.
- 3D models, rendered images, hyper-realistic walkthroughs were prepared as per the requirements by the clients.
- Site measurements, pre-construction photography, and client meetings were also an important part of my role.
- Was also in-charge of ensuring a smooth execution of the designs through frequent site visits, design coordination and meetings with the contractors and supervisors, as and when required.

Skills: SketchUp · AutoCAD · Lumion · Client Follow-Up · Project Coordination · Presentations · Interpersonal Communication · V-Ray · Client Meetings · 3D Architectural Rendering · Walkthroughs

Dec 2017 - May 2019

Apurva Amin Architects, Ahmedabad, IN, Architectural Intern

- Furniture Layouts, Kitchen Development, Toilet Developments, Kitchen Yards, Detailed Joineries
- Electrical, Plumbing, Furniture, Presentation Drawings
- Regular site visits to enhance the conceptual understanding
- Larger scale of the projects improved the functioning aspect of the field
- Learnt the immensely important factor of time-management.

Skills: Presentations · Interpersonal Communication · AutoCAD · SketchUp

Jun 2017 - Dec 2017

L.J. Group of Institutes, Ahmedabad, IN, Content Writer

Selected as a content writer after some interviews, I worked in the University's Online Resource Management (ORM) Team.
- I was entrusted with developing the university's social media promotional campaigns.
- Consistently coordinated with 2 photographers to ensure that they took the right photographs as per the promotional campaigns.
- Reported the progress to the Team Leader and to one of the most important Directors of the University.
- Our collective efforts made us among the first few colleges in the state of Gujarat to cross 5000+ followers on Facebook.

Skills: MS Word · Co-ordination with Team Members · Timely Delivery

May 2016 - Jun 2017


University at Buffalo, Buffalo, New York, United States, MArch, Master of Architecture

From Fall 2022 to Spring 2024, the program provided a diversity of courses such as Architecture Design Studios, Urban Design Studios, Revit + Rhino, Professional Practice, Environmental Systems, Structural Engineering, and Architectural Media.

Beyond that, I voluntarily participated in a diversity of architecture competitions and workshops to maximize my exposure, and collaborated with different partners as a means of cultural exchange, and to work with people with different design ideologies.

I also worked in the university's Digital Fabrication Laboratory for a majority of my course duration, and worked as Research Assistants with different faculties to learn about urban design and tensile structures.

Finally, I am currently co-authoring a book that deals with the urban impact of expanding a museum, which should be out by the first week of July. The same is being developed under the mentorship of Professor Hiroaki Hata.

Aug 2022 - Jun 2024

L. J. School of Architecture, Ahmedabad, IN, BArch, Bachelor of Architecture

Learnt the basics of Architecture in this 5-year course, and covered a multitude of courses that broadly encapsulates Architecture Design Studios, Environmental Systems, Structures, Urban Design, History of Architecture, Building Construction, Software Learnings, and Technical Representation.

I undertook an internship as part of the mandatory semester at Apurva Amin Architects to add an industrial dimension to the theoretical knowledge, and found urban design to be my inclination in the latter half of the course.

Undertook a design thesis on proposing the city's first large-scale co-working space, which followed the mapping technicalities of urban design to ensure that the project had a wider impact on the immediate context.

Participated in a bunch of workshops that dealt with sculpting, photography, sustainability, and exploring concrete as a primary construction material. Also played an active part in ensuring an accurate documentation of the three field trips that the school took us during the duration of the program.

Jun 2014 - May 2019


Pavilion of Transformation International Architecture Competition 2024, Honorable Mention

Got the 3rd Honorable Mention out of 30, in the Pavilion of Transformation Competition, wherein I worked with a partner to design a timber pavilion that exuded a sense of interaction with the natural elements of Air and Sunlight, in a rapidly growing urban area of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.


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