Aras Burak

Aras Burak

Istanbul, TR


Kurbagalidere Masterplan

Our submission for the ideas competition held by Kadıköy Municipality of Istanbul for the Kurbagalidere district. The site on the two sides of the Kurbagalidere river already hosts a football stadium and swimming pool owned by Fenerbahçe Sports Club. We propose to extend and renew the area for the IOC Summer Olympics Istanbul 2020/2024 bid.

The project highlights the major nodes such as the train station, football stadium, Yogurtcu Park and builds a perimeter around each of them, until the zones become adjacent to each other. Straight connections such as walks, driveways run tangent to these circular zones. A secondary system, a grid is laid underneath the circular system proposed, providing new connections that are less dense.

Every perimeter has different characteristics. While the perimeter around the Sukru Saracoglu stadium is an elevated bridge spanning between the stadium and the existing Sogutlucesme Train Station, another one is a boundary set by the use of trees only.

The most important element for the ideas competition, Kuşdili Meadow is proposed to be a new hill that creates a visual connection between the waterfront and the business district near the metrobus station, Uzunçayır.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Kadikoy, Istanbul
My Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Elif Demir