Aras Burak

Aras Burak

Istanbul, TR


Cezmi Or Residence

Right next to the new high-rise towers in Göztepe, İstanbul, five existing apartments are merging their sites in order to get a new residential that is built in higher quality and is safer in terms of earthquake risk in Istanbul. Our client asked for a modern design which will be very flexible in terms of square meters that are going to be divided among the existing owners of the apartments.

The building feels like four towers situated next to each other while it’s a single block. Single block gave us the advantage of having a great open space on northern end of the site.

We have proposed an elevated first-level in order to protect the value of the owners of the level-1 in each tower. Every owner would be facing the sea and park view at the same time. 68 apartments are placed in this first phase.

Our one week old design proposal followed a very simple principle that suggests no columns within the 5m span from the core outwards in each tower. That will be advantageous for the future programme shifts potentially towards an office use in this great location.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Feneryolu, Istanbul
My Role: Architect