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AOD Design

Beijing, CN


Jiangxi Nanchang HENGMAO Sales Center

Project Name: Jiangxi Nanchang HENGMAO Sales Center

Design Company: AOD Design

Designer: James Liu

Project Area: 5600 square meters

Complete Date: Sep. 2017

HENGMAO Group wished to build a modern and unique sales center and hired AOD to design the project. The fashionable arch shape design expresses the technological feel while the green plants bring in the breath of nature.

The sales center is located in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, China. It is different from ordinary sales center. AOD created a green, cultural and fashionable space. 

The first floor is sales area. The antechamber is spacious.

There are three exhibition rooms in the exhibition area.

The spiral staircase in the antechamber is like a sculpture with the sense of beauty.

The wave grain wall is a highlight of the design. The waves symbolize water while the grains are like mountains, which echo with the natural landscape of Nanchang city. Inside the sand table is the full view of the city. 

There is no clear partition between the sand table show area and the discussion area. Different floor materials were used to divide the two areas which released the space. The huge curved book shelf weakens the commercial function and adds cultural breath. The booths are unique and use the element of mountains. The shape of the lights adopts the shape of balloons which is relaxed and elegant.

The blind angle near the discussion area is transformed to a courtyard. The natural light and green plants are brought in to make the space pleasant.

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Status: Built
Location: Nanchang, CN
Firm Role: Brand Promotion Director