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Beijing, CN


Chongqing Jinke Bocuishan Sales Office

The Chongqing Jinke Bocuishan Sales Office is located near mountains and rivers. The design inspiration came from the stone, water, wood and metal. The designer is looking for the modern impression on the basis of Asian atmosphere.

There is a marble reception counter with copper bar inlaid on the south of the antechamber which is matched with a jade background wall of Chinese ink wash drawing. A crystal installation is set opposite the reception counter which corresponds with the jade wall.

Walking through the screen of Chinese style pattern at the end of the antechamber , we come to the sand table show area. The lamp above the sand table is like a pouring waterfall and composes the pattern of propitious clouds. 

The artworks put on the Chinese traditional decoration cabinet in the water bar area make the space elegant and quiet. The lamp above the water bar adopts the shape of Chinese lantern which pervades the eastern charm. The Chinese painting and inkstone on the desk express the Chinese culture and history while the leather chairs add a few modern feeling.

The VIP discussion area is separated by screens. The screens are made of metal frames and glasses inlaid with thin and tough silks which correspond with the drop lights of Chinese traditional elements.

The glass curtain wall of the ordinary discussion area brings in the outside landscape. The cabinet is made of dark timber and matched with metal pattern decoration, which combines the traditional elements and modern ones to show the renovated Asian style. 

The style of Jinke Bocuishan Sales Office reaches a balance between the traditional style and the modern style. The furniture is carefully selected by the designer which is comfortable and durable. Each artwork contains the thoughts of the designer and has eastern touch. A sales space with new Asian charm is created. Jinke Bocuishan Sales Office won the first prize in the project competition of Jinke Group in Chongqing area of the year 2017.

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Status: Built
Location: Chongqing, CN
Firm Role: Brand Promotion Director
Additional Credits: Project Name: Chongqing Jinke Bocushan Sales Office
Design Company: AOD Design
Project Location: Chongqing
Time of Completion: Sep., 2017
Photographer: Young