Anthony Alvidrez

Anthony Alvidrez

New York, NY, US

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I am currently seeking the role Intermediate Architect position. Currently, I am working as a Project Manager/Architectural Designer & BIM Manager, with a medium-size architecture firm and now I am looking into expanding my career and architectural experiences with a new firm, a firm with a diversity of project history. As of today I am completing my AXP hours and have begun taking my ARE exam to be New York Registered Architect.

 I have over 5+ years of work experience within the Architectural and Construction Field. My experience is 4 years in the Architectural Field and 3 years within the Construction field. I have completed projects ranging from Federal Building, working closely with the USAF, Health Care Facilities, Restaurant and Bar renovations, home design and renovation, and underground utility repair. I am passionate and committed to my work and my further growth within my own architectural career. I have always pushed to diversify my own knowledge and have been open to learning new ideas and sharing my own experience.

 I am eager to continue my path as an architect and grow as a professional. I am looking for a company that has a passion for design, a forward-thinking perspective, and a drive for sustainable design. With your firm, I see a future, one in which I can grow in your collective knowledge as well as contribute my own to this. Using my knowledge and design experience I can offer alternative perspectives to the computational design approach with many projects as well as experience in client relations and collaboration across multiple fields. I have developed skills that have expanded out from the traditional architecture firm but have begun to find a place within the practice. These include knowledge in parametric design, computational design, and program development. Within these fields, I have created a unique way to design, analyze and test architectural design. Thus achieving a design process and result that benefits both ourselves and the client. 

My full portfolio is currently published online at:
IR_Circualtion App is available at:

I look forward to hearing from you.

Anthony Alvidrez


Kezlo Group, Brooklyn, New York, Project Manager/Architectural Designer

The work I am accomplishing with Kezlo are large-scale government projects, which includes the complete renovation and addition to several large USAF Jet Hangars, and support buildings. Along with these large projects, I worked on smaller renovations and private homes. In addition, I worked on BIM Management, developing programs and Revit API algorithms to streamline our deliverables and assist designers.
-Projects completed using Revit. BIM Management was completed using Revit API-C#, Dynamo, and Rhino. Inside

Oct 2020 - current

SBLM Architects, New York, NY, US, Designer

The work I accomplished with SBLM was designing and creating renderings for NY public school projects and high-rise housing projects. I was also
working with marketing on advertising the firm to several higher education colleges and universities for future projects.
-Due to the COVID-19 pandemic I was made redundant.

Feb 2020 - Jun 2020

Lee Gamelsky Architects, Albuquerque, Architectural Designer

The firm primarily works on various types of projects ranging from Healthcare Facility, Education, and Commercial Spaces. Working closely with clients we worked to provide the best space and architecturally pleasing within there needs. My responsibilities include:
-Primary projects include the renovation and expansion of Tahjillee Healthcare Facility and the renovation of Season Restaurant and Bar located in Albuquerque, NM USA.
-All projects completed using Revit BIM Modelling Software.

Jan 2018 - Aug 2018

Altor Construction Inc., New York, Project Manager

The companies primary focus was infrastructure construction and utility installation. My responsibilities include:
-Primary job was to work with the on-site superintendent to complete a multitude of different project types.
-Communicate with engineers and architects to smoothly construct the project as to the requirements of the owner.
-Oversee the finances and contracts for projects, maintain budget and fulfil the requirements set by the signed contracts of all parties.

May 2014 - Aug 2017

Dyron Murphy Architects, Albuquerque, NM, US, Architectural Designer

The firm primarily works on various types of projects ranging from Education, Indigenous Work and Architectural Assessments. Working closely with clients we worked to provide the best space and architecturally pleasing within there needs. My responsibilities include:
-Assist the project architect in the completion of projects.
-Completion of construction documents and preliminary design.
-Projects completed using Revit BIM Modelling Software.

Jun 2013 - May 2014


University College London (UCL), London, GB, MArch, Masters of Architecture in Urban Design

The Bartlett focuses on research projects, for the year long masters I was researching into Large City Architecture, architecture which expands on the to the urban scale. In my research I developed a Machine Learning based software which allows designers to design space around how spaces are connected. Leading to an infinite number combinations, filtered by the designers own parameters.
The project received a Distinction from the Bartlett School upon completion.

Sep 2018 - Sep 2019

The University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM, US, MArch, Masters of Architecture

The program is a Masters of Architecture accredited degree, teaching the process of design when given multiple types of projects and multiple scales.

Aug 2014 - May 2016

The University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, BArch, Bachelor of Arts

Aug 2009 - May 2013


Published Author, Other

I am a published author, I curated and authored The International Quarantine Cookbook. A project which started as a collaborative between a few people, grew to include people from all across the planet. With the core idea of sharing recipes we are all cooking around the world.

The book is currently available on Amazon


Published IR_Circulation App for Architects, Other

IR as the program is called, is Spanish meaning “to go.” I found this being an appropriate name mainly for its simplicity but also for the meaning of movement. We are all trying to get somewhere and the process and paths we take will influence the journey as a whole.

Happy to announce a new simulation program I have working on, a navigational application for architects to study circulation within their design, and taking into account Social Distancing Rules.

This Navigation Application is meant for you to begin visualising how people will be moving around your space. This can be a floor plan layout, a whole building, or the urban environment. The program will allow for as large of a scale as you need.

For Architects, this is meant to study the circulation or navigation through a space, while also taking into account social distancing rules. This way you can have an idea on how will people be moving through, what paths could they take, and how many people they will encounter along the way.

The Project is set for June 2020 release. I am very happy to announce this and look forward to the next phases. This is Version 1 of this app, we are planning future versions and would love your feedback and response. Thank you to everyone for their support, from both family and friends.


Distinction Award for Research, Award

Distinction from The Bartlett School of Architecture for the COMATA research project. Awarded for the research conducted and the technology created.


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